Community Services & Resources

Welcome Home! The Aurora Highlands is pleased to provide the following services and resources:



  • City of Aurora Landscape Design Assistance: 303-739-7195
  • City of Aurora: City Street Snow Removal Contact: 303-326-8200

The Event Lawn

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.” – Margaret J. Wheatley
It is clear that the community cares about each other! Take a look at the Independence Festival footage to see for yourself!

Art In The Park: Hogan Park at Highlands Creek

Perhaps you’ve noticed while walking along Highlands Creek, the unique statements and phrases; meant to offer affirmation, are thought provoking and inspiring! You may have also noticed the incredible sculpture at the round-a-bout! Driving along Aurora Highlands Pkwy, maybe you’ve been inspired by the Totem Triad or the newest art installation of UMI! To further explore the art within the community

Designed by world renowned artist Daniel Popper, Umi, which depicts the convergence of woman and tree, stands more than two-stories tall with a designated space within the art for the public to explore. Umi, which means “ocean” in Japanese, was inspired by the concept of “Gaia,” the primordial mother and ancestral goddess who shaped and nurtured all life.

Daniel Popper- “Umi”