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What is The Aurora Highlands Community Authority Board (The CAB)?

The CAB is the governing body formed to own, operate, manage, and maintain the various properties and common areas throughout the Community. CLICK HERE to read about the CAB’s Long Term Capital Improvements Plan. For information on the Resolution regarding the Imposition of an Operation and Maintenance Fee please CLICK HERE. A copy of the Notice to Impose an Operation and Maintenance Fee can be obtained by CLICKING HERE.

The CAB is comprised of the following member Metropolitan Districts:

For further information, please refer to the Metropolitan District Page on this site, or by CLICKING HERE

The CAB also provides services to the residents of The Aurora Highlands Community. Some of the services The CAB provides are Snow Removal, Design Review, Insurance, Management, Covenant Enforcement, and Trash/Recycle Services.

The CAB is comprised of a Board of Directors and assisted by a Third-Party Management Company to assist The CAB in creating an optimum environment for the Community to thrive. Additionally, The CAB desires to preserve the inherent architectural and aesthetic quality of the Community. CLICK HERE to view The Aurora Highlands Community Authority Board Third Amended and Restated Establishment Agreement. You may also read about the Revenue Pledge Agreement between The CAB and The Aurora Highlands Metropolitan District No.1 HERE.

Please click here to review the 2023 Transparency Notice.

The CAB Board of Directors

President: Matthew Hopper, May 2025

Vice President: Carla Ferreira, May 2025

Treasurer: Michael Sheldon, May 2027

Assistant Secretary: Cynthia Shearon, May 2027

Assistant Secretary: Kathleen Sheldon, May 2027

Assistant Secretary: Deanna Hopper, May 2027

Additional Resolutions can also be found in the Document Library

2023 Budget
2022 Budget

Please Click Here to view the 2023 Regular Meeting Schedule